Agafia's Taiga Life (36 min)

This documentary looks at the daily life of 70-year-old Agafia Lykova who lives alone in the Siberian wilderness.  She is the only remaining member of a family of Orthodox Old Believers who fled to the wilderness in 1936 to escape religious persecution.  They were discovered by geologists in 1978, but only Agafia has survived.  2013.  Subtitles.

Escape: Photographs of Hermit Life (3 min)

Living deep in the untouched areas of Russia and Ukraine are men living alone in the wild.  They have abandoned human society to live peacefully in nature.  Photographer Danila Tkachenko tracked down some of these men.  He talked openly with each before taking his photographs. 2014.  Silent.  See Liveleak comments.

Nicola-Tsareva [Никола-Царевна] (21 min)

A documentary about the Christian hermit Dmitry, who lives in a remote rural area of Russia.  He moved there after losing his job in Moscow during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.  2007.  Subtitles.

Romanian Anchorites (10 min)

"Hermits of Our Times - Orthodox Christian Monasticism [Hesychasm]".
Conversations with Orthodox Christian hermits in Romania.  1999.  Subtitles.

Valaam -- Archipelago of Monks (54 min)

Documentary about monks living at the Valaam Monastery on an island on Lake Ladoga in north-eastern Russia.  Discusses the history of the monks, art and farming, Church singing, pilgrims, sketes, ancient Russian culture, pain and suffering, and the great Orthodox spiritual tradition.  2012.  Subtitles.